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Guinevere Redux

Guinevere is one of two paintings I did in 2007 that were loosely inspired by the Arthurian legend. She had been one of my most popular pieces online and I still liked the theme and color palette, but I wanted to take another crack at her with my current skill set.  (You can see the original on DA here:… )

I documented this process pretty thoroughly, and high res and process for this painting will be my first PATREON rewards! Hop on over before 2.29.2018 to get step by step, a HUGE process gif, my PSDs and other things.

Her companion piece, Morgan Le Fay will be the next month's (April) reward.

Cowgirl Miss Fortune

We've been working on an update to Miss Fortune's splashes in between VGUs and Champions for the last year, and they finally shipped! This piece was a fun game of collaboration-telephone, with the wonderful Sunny Pandita picking up and running with an older color comp from 2 years ago, then passing her to me. I'm growing very fond of these roster updates, especially when I get to pile on and polish with all of the illustration team <3

I also like to imagine Yasuo in the back playing this on his flute:…

Miss Fortune and League of Legends © Riot Games (2018)

The Green Fairy
I started this piece for CHOW #158 (May 2009!) but I wasn't able to get it done within the week.  The theme hit on a bajillion things I really like, so I kind of never let it go - I ended up pulling up the PSD about once or twice a year since then, working on it for a few days before losing steam again.  I'm much happier with how the illustration evolved since the beginning, and I like to think we learned and grew alot together, she and I...

I was excited to redesign her clothes when I got a copy of the Kyoto Institute of Costume Fashion book a few years ago.  And I wanted my fairy-genie to look like the transition absinthe goes through, from translucent green to creamy and cloudy.
Christmas Eve
A little bit of fun (and punny) fanart, based on a pinup of Rita Hayworth I really like. 
Happy Holidays <3
The Arrow of Retribution

When one of the teams at Riot was proposing the (recently released) Varus music video and lore update, I was approached about an updated splash to match. It was a little bit of a bumpy road - I actually started this splash shortly after Tundra Hunter Warwick, put it aside, and picked it back up after Zoe. I would probably do some things differently if I started over now, but I'm not sure I've ever learned more in the course of an illustration. A huge thank you to the illustration team for all the support, paintovers, and pushing me when I needed it. <3

Photoshop CC 2016 + Intuos 4/Cintiq
Varus and League of Legends © Riot Games (2017)
Oof, last Journal was very, very old.  Since that time, I've...

Done a bangin' cow art test
Left one (comfy) job
Took another one, lost it
Went to GDC (WOW!)
Saw the original cut of Empire Stirkes Back (AT LucasFilm, so cool), biked San Francisco + the Golden Gate Bridge
Visited Santa Monica, which is so great
Saw Bonobo and El Ten Eleven in Austin - techno-saxophone!
Read 4 books, took 6 flights
Got a crazy cool new job at Riot Games, so my husband, cat and I are moving to California!

So it's been busy!  While enjoying a spot of summer vacation, I've been riding my bike lots more, organizing the house obsessively, and also trying to *finish* work - jillions and jillions of things I started and then forgot about for the last few years.  In-between more finished updates, I might (if you want to) suggest (maybe) that you check out my Tumblr, cause I post things there more often these days. :)

Digging through backlogged notes (sorry, I'm getting to you, I promise!) and going to see how much I can get done before we... Go to Washington, D.C., then Austin (again), then Colorado + Utah for road trips, then to California for work + Siggraph (yay!), and then the Caribbean in August (pinch me!).  Go, team, go!
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