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Jaina Proudmore

I've gotten quite a bit more into the whole Warcraft universe since taking on a rather deep Hearthstone addiction, and I found the cinematics from the Batthe For Azeroth announcement super inspiring! I ended up doodling up a couple characters, including Jaina Proudmore cool new design. Lots of fun to paint, and I'm hoping to get to a companion piece for her soon.

She is also my April Patreon reward! High res, PSD and proccess files if you'd like to see how the sausage is made XD

Photoshop CC 2015 + Wacom Intuos Pro
About 15 Hours

Morrigan Le Fay

This is the second of two paintings I re-attempted from 2007 as an exercise to use updated skills within the constraints of an old concept and design. Morrigan Le Fay, loosely based on the sorceress in the Arthurian legend.
The Original Morrigan is here:…

Her friend Guinevere is here: 
Original Guinevere:…
New Guinevere:…

This piece is also the second ever reward for my Patrons over on Come check it out, I'm going to try out a poll in the next week to see what the next reward will be. Wish me luck 

The Defiant Blade

I imagined her as a beautiful, proud Ionian who has to defend and inspire her people in the face of Noxians who want to burn her homeland to ashes.  I especially wanted to show off the graceful dancer she truly is.

Its been quite a few splashes and splash polishings over the last couple years -this was one of the first times I think things really came together for me.  I definitely stressed myself out at the end when we were trying to edit, polish and ship all six of her splashes (whew!) but it was worth it.  Trying out a new process for how I move from sketch to color to render was really helpful.  And I got to do some in depth retrospectives of my last few splashes to try and push myself on this one - especially how much balancing, detail and finish I could achieve myself.  I also realized I've worked on a ton of Ionian champions (the Karma update, Varus, and now her...). I love when I get to work in this style and shape language.

A million thank yous to the illustration team for support, feedback and paint overs.
Fierce pretty ladies, long hair, clouds and flowing fabric are my happy places. <3

Intuos Pro/Cintiq + Photoshop CC 2016 
Irelia (c) Riot Games 2018
Guinevere Redux

Guinevere is one of two paintings I did in 2007 that were loosely inspired by the Arthurian legend. She had been one of my most popular pieces online and I still liked the theme and color palette, but I wanted to take another crack at her with my current skill set.  (You can see the original on DA here:… )

I documented this process pretty thoroughly, and high res and process for this painting will be my first PATREON rewards! Hop on over before 2.29.2018 to get step by step, a HUGE process gif, my PSDs and other things.

Her companion piece, Morgan Le Fay will be the next month's (April) reward.

Cowgirl Miss Fortune

We've been working on an update to Miss Fortune's splashes in between VGUs and Champions for the last year, and they finally shipped! This piece was a fun game of collaboration-telephone, with the wonderful Sunny Pandita picking up and running with an older color comp from 2 years ago, then passing her to me. I'm growing very fond of these roster updates, especially when I get to pile on and polish with all of the illustration team <3

I also like to imagine Yasuo in the back playing this on his flute:…

Miss Fortune and League of Legends © Riot Games (2018)

Oof, last Journal was very, very old.  Since that time, I've...

Done a bangin' cow art test
Left one (comfy) job
Took another one, lost it
Went to GDC (WOW!)
Saw the original cut of Empire Stirkes Back (AT LucasFilm, so cool), biked San Francisco + the Golden Gate Bridge
Visited Santa Monica, which is so great
Saw Bonobo and El Ten Eleven in Austin - techno-saxophone!
Read 4 books, took 6 flights
Got a crazy cool new job at Riot Games, so my husband, cat and I are moving to California!

So it's been busy!  While enjoying a spot of summer vacation, I've been riding my bike lots more, organizing the house obsessively, and also trying to *finish* work - jillions and jillions of things I started and then forgot about for the last few years.  In-between more finished updates, I might (if you want to) suggest (maybe) that you check out my Tumblr, cause I post things there more often these days. :)

Digging through backlogged notes (sorry, I'm getting to you, I promise!) and going to see how much I can get done before we... Go to Washington, D.C., then Austin (again), then Colorado + Utah for road trips, then to California for work + Siggraph (yay!), and then the Caribbean in August (pinch me!).  Go, team, go!
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  • Reading: on the road, the rum diary
  • Watching: vice
  • Playing: league of legends
  • Drinking: coffee


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