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Fairy's Godmother by JessiBeans Fairy's Godmother by JessiBeans
Here follows my original story upon which this illustration is based:
:D :D :D

A Modern Fairy's Tale

Once upon a time, in a tacky little town on the South Jersey shore, there lived a boy named Nicholas. Nicholas was kind and generous; He worked long, arduous hours in the family dry cleaning business owned by his evil "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters." He was forced to do all of the manual labor, running the machines, cleaning an endless rainbow of sequins, feathers, and taffeta. But through it all, Nicholas kept his spirits up, dancing and humming along Cher mix tape and dreaming of one day becoming a REAL drag queen.
One lovely autumn day, Nicholas's "Stepsister" Bryant came blustering into the store, in a flurry of cosmetic compacts and spandex. Once he'd calmed down enough to make sense, he explained there was to be a drag Prom celebration in just three weeks. All the fashionable ladies were to attend. And best of all, there was to be a contest for a Prince and Prom Queen for the most fabulous in attendance.
After much squealing and excitement, Bryant, the "Stepmother", and the other "Stepsister" Richard began to plan the most stunning outfits for the Prom. Nicholas had been sweeping in the back of the store and overheard all of the commotion. Mustering up as much courage as he could, and clutching his mop nervously, Nicholas asked his Stepmother if he could close the dry cleaner early so that he, too, might come to the ball with them. After a long, uncomfortable pause, "Stepmother" wandered over to the store window to check his makeup in the reflection. Carefully adjusting his falsies and smoothing his hot fuchsia lip gloss, "Stepmother" finally turned to Nicholas with an unpleasant sneer.
"Of course you can go, my little sweet-meat, but only if you behave and do all of your chores quickly and efficiently. And, of course, if you can manage an ensemble worthy of the occasion."
Both "Stepsisters" started to protest, eyeing Nicholas like a worm. But "Stepmother" shushed them, ushering them both out of the little dry cleaners. "Stepmother" smiled at them both.
"Don't forget, darlings, I said 'If'.
Nicholas worked extra hard all week long, even with all of the extra cleaning and tasks his "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters" heaped on him. Late at night, he would sit in his little room over the store and pull out a very special shoe box from under his bed. Inside was an explosion of sequins and color, bits he'd saved over the years from the floor of the shop. And in the dim light he would pick out the right pieces and stitch away on an old dress Bryant had discarded once. Though he was exhausted, there was hope on his face, and when he slept, he dreamed of handsome princes and rustling skirts.
The night of the ball, Nicholas was all atwitter as he slipped his creation over his head. He swept the bluest eye shadow he could find over his lids, painted his lips the most shocking shade of red, and glued on the false eyelashes that had cost him 3 weeks wages. When he came down to the store, his "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters" were putting final touches on their own shimmering, tacky ensembles. Richard was first to see him, and gasped. When the others turned, at first they were surprised at how lovely Nicholas looked.
"How do I look?" he breathed, giddy with excitement.
"My... what a lovely, lovely dress," his "Stepmother" sneered, eyeing Bryant meaningfully.
Bryant let out a roar as he realized the dress was once his, and lunged for Nicholas. He tore blindly at Nicholas, calling him names and a liar. Richard was never one to be left out, and joined in, shredding the garment n a flurry of beads and sequins. When it was all over, Nicholas sat weeping in the tatters of his dress on the floor.
Smiling cruelly, "Stepmother" said, "Come along ladies, we're already fashionably late."
Nicholas couldn't move, holding his face in his hands and his mascara making great, black teary tracks down his face. When the door chime rang with someone entering the store, he couldn't even look up.
"We're closed, please go away," he hiccupped.
"Doll, after all the effort it took me to get here, you could be a little more welcoming." a strange, low voice rasped.
Looking up through his tear-soaked haze, Nicholas saw the most amazing drag queen he'd ever seen. The man was more than 6 feet tall, with a huge pot belly and even larger fake breasts. His gown was a shimmering bubble-gum pink number, complete with tutu and stilettos that laced up his meaty legs. He had a dense 5 o'clock shadow on his many chins and a large cigar glowing warmly in his teeth. He smiled kindly at Nicholas, and reached down to scoop him up off the floor.
"Who are you?" Nicholas almost whispered.
"Your FAIRY godmother, of course," rumbled the large man in a dress. He turned to show off tiny matching pink wings on his massive back. They glittered in the low light.
"I have a fairy godmother?" Nicholas almost laughed.
"Of course, sweet-cheeks, and I'm here to make sure you get that cute little tush to the prom."
"Oh, I can't go to the prom," sighed Nicholas. "Look at me, I'm a hot mess."
Stepping back, the fairy godmother looked Nicholas up and down, nodding and muttering to himself in appraisal.
"This will never do, turn around, doll-face."
Nicholas turned slowly.
"I think I nice tangerine would make those blue eyes sing. Yes, that's just the thing," cackled the fairy godmother. He took his stogie in his meaty fingers, and inhaling deeply, blew a large smoke ring all around Nicholas. Nicholas coughed uncontrollably. The smoke began to change then, glowing and swirling around Nicholas. He giggled as his skin began to tingle. And when the smoke cleared, Nicholas gasped. He now stood in the middle of the dry cleaning store in the most beautiful gown he had ever seen, and he had seen many. It was a creamsicle orange color, hugging close to his trim form, bathed in swirls of sequins and crystals. At the knee it flared into an impressive skirt and train of the fluffiest orange feathers. Another shock of feathers hung delicately from Nicholas's shoulders. Glancing at his reflection in the store window, he saw a beautifully curled black wig graced his head, topped with a fabulous tiara.
"It's so BEAUTIFUL," gasped Nicholas, welling up with tears again.
"No, no, sugar, no crying. You'll run your mascara again and ruin all of my hard work!" laughed his fairy godmother. "Now, off you go, my caddy is waiting outside to whisk you away. Oh, but remember. This is fairy magic, cuddle-muffin, and like even the strongest hairspray, it can't hold forever. You have until midnight."
But Nicholas barely heard; he was too entranced with his reflection. He tucked his Cher mix tape into his bustier for luck, and floated out the door in a blissful haze. He slid into the buttery leather seats of the giant pink Cadillac. His fairy godmother lumbered out of the dry cleaners to wave him off, and away to the Prom he went.
The Prom was an event to remember. It was held at the most beautiful hotel ballroom in all of South Jersey. Giant ice sculpture swans and brilliant searchlights guarded the door. From inside came the deep thump of techno music and the chatter of a swarm of men in fancy dresses. The pink Cadillac pulled up slowly, Nicholas eyes and smile wide with the spectacle before him. One of the semi-clad door men pulled open the car door and offered him a hand. Nicholas smiled coyly, batting a Swarovski studded eyelash at him as he sashayed through the door.
As he entered the ballroom, the crowd seemed to turn in unison to gape at the fabulous newcomer. Nicholas could feel the catty remarks and jealous appraisal wash over him, and he flashed a dazzling smile. Almost as in a dream, the most handsome man there, in a purple coat and tails, walked up to him.
With a look of awe, the beautiful man kissed Nicholas' gloved hand and asked, "May I have this dance?"
Nicholas never noticed when the music started again, or the other queens looking on with envy and longing as he and his prince spun around the room. They laughed, and tangoed, and talked about Cher. They didn't notice the "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters" trying to push closer for a better look at this strangely familiar newcomer. Nicholas and his prince were bathed in a blinding light. There was cheering and applause as Nicholas and his handsome stranger realized they were the Prom's Prince and Queen. Before his Prince could lead him to the stage, Nicholas heard the cell phone in his bra begin to chime. It was another moment before his stomach sunk and reality set in. Midnight!
He turned and dashed for the door. The Prince, in surprise, grasped for his hand, calling after him. Nicholas turned to look one last time, and then sprinted out the door into the waiting pink caddy. A minute later the Prince burst out the door, but the lovely stranger was gone. The only trace he'd left behind was a Cher mix tape in the hotel driveway.
The next day, Nicholas went back to work at the dry cleaners, but now with a dreamy look and a winsome smile. His "Stepmother" was too busy to notice, since the great mystery surrounding the beautiful runaway queen at the Prom. The Prince was despondent about losing the lovely stranger, and was searching all over for here. And every queen in the area was trying to play the coquette to win his handsome heart. None, however, had succeeded in identifying the thing his mystery queen had dropped at the fateful Prom.
That very afternoon, the Prince made it to the little dry cleaning store. The "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters" shuffled Nicholas into the back of the store, and bustled around to strike an attractive pose for when he walked in. The little door bell tinkled.
"Good day, ladies. I'm wondering if you can help me," the prince smiled dashingly.
"Oh, we'll do WHATEVER we can," panted Richard, batting his eyelashes.
The prince tried to hide his horror, and pressed on. "I am seeking the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I met her for all too brief a time last night, and when she dashed off she took my heart. I was hoping you might know where I can find her, for she also left an important item behind. I know she'll miss it, and I'd like to return it to her."
Bryant stepped forward with a flourish. "But you see, sweetie pie, it was me! We danced so long, and had such a lovely time. I never meant to dash off, and I only hope I can spend the rest of my life making it up to you."
The prince's eyebrow shot up. "It was you? Then of course, you'll know what you left behind on the hotel's driveway."
"It was my... um..." Bryant glanced around nervously. "My dainty shoe? Yes, of course, my favorite stilettos, and I left one behind, how careless of me!"
The prince glanced down at Bryant's large, hairy toes peeking out of his peep-toe pumps. They were many things, but dainty was not one of them.
"I'm afraid that's not quite right..."
"Oh, never mind my sister, there. She's always full of tall tales," burst Richard, elbowing Bryant aside. "She's always been jealous. She knows, of course, that it was ME you danced with for so long. And I am so very happy that you've found me again."
"I don't think..." began the prince, eyeing Richard's marshmallow-like form in disbelief.
"Of course, I look different in this harsh lighting. But you have to remember it was me. And the... um... ah... compact! The cosmetic compact I dropped on the road, you've brought it back to me."
The prince made a curt bow to the "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters".
"I see that I have wasted all of our time."
"Wait!" called Bryant.
"Wait!" called Richard.
"Wait!" called the "Stepmother."
And then there was another voice, a sweet, familiar voice.
"Wait," said Nicholas, smiling at the door into the back of the shop.
"And who is this?" asked the Prince, turning with a smile.
"Oh, no one important," the "Stepmother" giggled nervously, trying to shove Nicholas back through the door. "Just an employee..."
But Nicholas sidestepped her neatly, he and the Prince drifting towards each other as though in a trance.
"You've looked all over for your mystery woman and she couldn't be happier that you've brought her mix tape back to her," Nicholas said, and smiled up at the Prince.
The Prince's face lit up, and he scooped Nicholas up into his arms, twirling him around and laughing. The "Stepmother" and "Stepsisters" looked on with hatred as Nicholas tossed off his apron and cast aside his mop. Then he and his Prince dashed out to the Prince's waiting BMW, and they lived fabulously ever after.


For Graphic Essay, totally rocked the story part. Gotta see if I rock the illustration part on Wednesday... black and white spot illustration to follow, as soon as I finish it. ;)
Hope you like!

Prismacolor marker, ink, watercolor and acrylic paint on Bristol Board
Image ME!!! 2006
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